Friday, July 25, 2008


This was quite a bitter sweet episode for me. Starting with the 'sweet' part first. Ms. Natalie Portman was this week's guest judge. I think she's super, super adorable and fab! The bitter part was that they cut Wesley in which I could have put my faith on if ever he'll make it after this week. I thought he'll be some what like Daniel Vosovic but unfortunately he didn't came close. Do I have a crush on him...YES! Hehehe! Can't help it. I just love his personal style and the way he looks (horrible speaking voice though). Oh well, I think I just have to bid goodbye on that. [Just came in -- in the Bravo TV website, I was browsing some pics from the show to post here and I was surprised on what I just read...Wes and Daniel are dating, not Daniel V. though...darn that biatch!]

It had been some challenge and a half, and as Tim said, a PR first for their models to buy the materials to fabricate their cocktail dresses of their taste and style. GOING GREEN is the theme of the challenge and apparently, the models not only did they do a really bad job on choosing the fabrics; they don't have the sense of originality too. The designers ended up making dresses with similar fabrics (well almost) and maybe one or two yards short. I'm not a fan of the winning cocktail dress by "Suede" and I don't like the designer himself (stop talking using third person PLEASE!).

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