Monday, July 21, 2008

how's your FLIRTY 'look'?

Let's say you really, really like this person and you wanted to get noticed, what would you do?

A. Dress up and get preppy
B. Be his/her stalker
C. Throw him/her a flirtatious 'look'
D. All of the above

Mine's a C. If I actually got the balls for it. Hehehe! But if I do, I'll give it a try and give something like this...
Flirtatious doesn't really have to be like "oh come on and get me baby" kind of look right? My definition of that is like be cute and fun and reserved in a way. Though I don't usually do the actual lookin at the guy in front of me and throwing it like that. I'm super shy in person but hey, I'm quite a different guy on the net. Perhaps my non-verbal kind of way of flirting is through posting pics of me on my blog site or in my Multiply and Friendster account. Click, click , click and presto, I got some pretty nice pics. Cool! I got some messages here and there (kidding)! But I do get some good feedbacks on those "looks" and for me it's like my kind of way of flirting.

To try out your flirting "skills", give it a shot at Extreme Style by VO5's Ultimate Flirting Championship! It really is a fun, fun game! You get to make your avatar image there and play with other three players. The mechanics is that you'll have to answer in 30 seconds the questions to be given by the judges (by the way, you can be the judge too) in your best pick up line or your own sexy flirty line. The primary goal here is to OUTflirt your opponent in the game! Hehehe! Of course the judge will choose the winner and who will get his/her Victory Hair! Trust me, you will enjoy this one.

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I know you want to try this one...Just GIVE IT A TRY! See ya'll!
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