Sunday, July 20, 2008

the dark knight, the mummy, or wall-e?

Darn it! Haven't seen any of these three but I think I'll see Wall-e first! Me and my "special someone" watched a movie last week and we saw all the trailers. In one word, AMAZING! The Batman movie as you know was already out there just this week. If there's one thing that makes me super intrigued with this movie, it would have to be Heath Ledger playing the Joker. That alone, I belive, attract the movie goers. Super controversial that he was and this movie as his last appearance, I mean that's a really good reason to watch it don't you think? Such a talent and such a great loss.

The third "Mummy" movie trailer made me hold on my seat and just amazed me. Forget about the whole Egyptian mummy thing. From Egypt, they will bring us to the great ancient Chinese civilization with no less than Jet Li playing the Dragon Emperor. It is a power cast actually though I was a bit disappointed that the one to play the role of Brendan Fraser's wife (originally Rachel Weisz) was changed. Let's just see if it'll work. Just like the first two "mummy' movies, the FX are superb and the set and costumes were brought into a new level. UHHH can't wait!

Now this one's super cute! We've seen Will Smith play the "last man" on earth and we've already seen some end of the world type of movies. This time, it's the last robot. If you want something lite, funny, cool and ultra cute movie, this is IT! At first I thought that it's just your ordinary kiddie movie but hell NO it's not. Soon enough I'll be watching it in the comfort of my home. Downloaded of course! Hehehe!

There you go folks, my top three latest movies as of the moment. I just wish I can watch 'em all in the cinemas if I'll get the chance...

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