Monday, July 28, 2008

Considering an IT Career?

It is well proven fact not only here in the Philippines but as well as in the global scene, that it is a growing field there in the IT world. Careers generated overwhelmingly fast through this field that no wonder there are still a lot out there considering an IT-related job. Now, we can definitely say that there IS a life changing career in this field. I belive that we are still in the age of globalization and inter connection within nation to nation is very in demand. The need for communication and exchanging knowlege what makes IT the "it" thing that it is now.

Information Technology -- to the folks who haven't figured it out -- as what I have said, is a fast growing field now. In my own experience, I can say that it is that important now to at least know something about this field. I might sound dumb (to some...I dunno) if I connect these two things but this is how I understand the whole IT thing -- I believe that internet is a big, big part of this field of career. I mean, internet is a big, big part of everyone's life (including myself) nowadays because of the need for information, entertainment, and communication which was very limited before. I have a lot of high school classmates and friends who graduated in an IT related course and now practicing it in the real world. I believe that they have the potential to get some serious big bucks because of the great demand for it.

I browsed on the net and I was really surprised though I do not think that it is impossible, that there's this website that offers training program that leads to a wonderful career in the IT world. Now, if you're thinking and considering IT as your field, the Cisco certification from the Cisco Sytems, Inc. might be of great help for you. Oh, I swear that I think, they got one of the best IT training programs that I know. You know what, best to visit their website: They offer great deal when it comes to training programs and certifications as far as IT careers is concerned.

I've heared a lot of success stories from IT people. In fact, my big brother is one of those who are thankful because of the career field he chose. Look at him now, doing a great job raising his own family in Spain (by the way, he's an IT grad if you haven't figured it out), doing the job he always wanted. Knowing the fact that life here in the Philippines may not be as productive as it could be over there, that decision he made to migrate there for a better job and life for his family is definitely something he won't regret for the rest of his life... How bout you?! Considering an IT career? Visit, I bet they can help you big time...

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