Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Project Runway Pinas S01E13 -- the designers upclose

First to be introduced were the judges...Rajo Laurel -- the renowned fashion designer; Apples Aberin-Sadhwani -- TopModel extraordinaire; Jojie Lloren -- not a judge but he served as the mentor/tormentor of the designers; and of course the stunning Ms. Terresa Herrera, PRP host. Each with incredibly amazing backgrounds with their respective grounds of expertise...

Then the designers: from Manila, then in the Visayas then Mindanao...then back to Luzon. At least fair sila... Walang drama kung wala ang mga taga ViMinda, right? Watching this episode, nothing really changed with my opinions about the designers... I know whom I hate and love. Pero syempre, may bago... Natuklasan ko na Philip is so entertaining..if you know what I mean. I like his candid personality and find it very amusing. Then I found out that Lorymer is kinda cute on TV. haha! May ganon?! Si Eli naman, though everyone knows how buff he is, parang he was a bit conservative all through out the show. I mean, mas madalas ko pa atang nakitang naka sando si Philip than him... Just an observation ok?! hehe!

Natakot ako kay Bo dun sa mini lines part... haha! It's nice to see non-TV personalities do these stuff. I like Ava with her voodoo-like act...Basta funny yung part na yun! hehe!

So...first impressions do last. Like to hate! Eli, based on what I watched on TV, he does know how to do the backstabbing. But somehow, people loved this guy [including moi] because of the brutally frank remarks. With Lord naman, he should've stayed a bit longer. I mean, I believe this guy really got talent. Nakita ko ulit yung GULAT moment ni Philip! hahaha! Love that! And the resident drama queen was no other than VeeJay.

FUCK! I was just thrilled when the judges and Mr. Jigs Mayuga [resident make-up artist for PRP and my crush...can't deny that..hehe!] impersonate some of the designers... Jigs as Eli [bagay], Rajo as Aries [super, super hilarious with the fake bangs!!! haha!], Terresa as Mara [kuha nya in fairness!!!] and Apples as Jaz [,love].

I love the fact that they did this particular episode [somewhat like ANTM recap episodes] to get some extra insight with what went on behind the runway. Hmmm... Aries won a number of challenges; Veejay won one or two [not sure]; and Philip have at least two or three in the bag... More and more I tend to root for Philip than the original bet VeeJay. Am just torn with these two. I'll be super pissed if someone other than these two win...DUH?! Sino pa bah?

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