Thursday, October 16, 2008

Project Runway S05E14 -- the big FINALE

Well, I was expecting a reunion episode this week but the FINALE was ten times better! Hehe! So the final there were Korto, Kenley and Leanne...

The usual fashion show preparations were done... The model selections, make-up consultations, alterarions, etc. In the model selections, there were some familiar faces like Andrea [grape squasher girl from ANTM], Shannon [from MakeMeASupermodel], Naima [ANTM4 winner], Morgan [the evil model from hell of PR season 1], Bianca [Bianker for Nigel and Twiggy of ANTM] and Daniel [a.k.a. Dani...ANTM6 winner].It was a lot of work for the designers but they made it work after all. It was crazy how Korto made another two looks [the designers presented 10 looks on the runway but made 12]. The three collections were very identifiable on who made 'em and their respective personalities. Korto's was very Nature inspired and very Afrocentric. Kenley' was the materialized Alice in Wonderland look. Leane went for the clean and breezey look -- easy to look at but quite well made and fashion forward.

Korto's [with the Jaslene clone model]



Guest judge J. Lo didn't make it because of a foot injury [I think] so the last minute choice as proxy was no other than Tim Gunn. That was a first. Another first was the fact that it was an all-female-finale. And it was actually surprising that the criticisms that the designers got were very minimal. All these three designers' collection were applaudable but only one could win.'re OUT.

Korto... you're out.


I was super happy when Heidi revealed the winner. She's my bet talaga! Hehehe!

One time for the Fashion Assasin!!! Woohoo! She looked a bit of a psycho in front of the camera at the last part when she said "I just won Project Runway!" but I find it quite adorable in a weird, weird way...

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