Thursday, October 9, 2008

America's Next Top Model S11E07 -- too fierce for the FIERCEEs

It is a pretty interesting episode this week. You really get to see the models working it to the limit. Tyra showed up for a challenge --SURPRISE-- while teaching the girls how to hone those signiture poses. I really miss the on-panel challenges... As much as I say that I don't like McKey that much, I think she really has the makings of a model just like what Paulina said. Hurrah, hurrah to my TRUE personal fave, Marjorie for winning the challenge by bringing that "hunch back of Notre Dame"... Tsk! Tsk! Well... Hehe!

This week's photoshoot was themed as the scenes from an awards night, particularly the Fiercees. It's all about Tyra huh?! So anyway, I do think that it was a fab shoot since all the girls were dolled up. Horrah, horrah again to Marjorie for baggin the best photo of the bunch! The natural talent beats the one time good shots huh?! Figure it out yourself...hehe! I like McKey's and Analeigh's fotos too!!! I like the attitude problem foto of Analeigh makin it the second best. Miss high fashion model Lauren Brie fell flat to the ground when she failed to impress the judges with her 'tripping' picture and was sent home.




Lauren Brie

Marjorie -- best picture of the week




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