Monday, October 13, 2008

Maxxie or Justin?

Whom would you rather be with? Be friends with? Hang out with? Get dirty with [naughty]?

Maxxie [Mitch Hewer]

Justin [Randy Harrison]

The extra sensitive Maxxie of Skins? or the unapologetic Justin of Queer as Folk? Both know how to draw...hmmm interesting common talent... BTW, Mitch Hewer a.k.a. Maxxie [19 y/o] is a non-gay dude in real life unlike Randy Harrison a.k.a. Justin Taylor [30 y/o... surprising actually] who's an openly gay guy. Effin great actors with great performances background... So, who's your pick?


Anonymous said...

well ovo mitch hewer hu wouldnt tap dat ;)

i would ovo get dirty wid him x;)

Anonymous said...

Mitch Hewer Obviously

~yeoj~ said...

randy looks a bit Daniel Beddingfield-ish here... don't you think?