Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Project Runway Pinas S01E12 -- have the flare for drama?

All that you will read here are purely just opinions so I hope wag magalit yung matatamaan. hehe! Peace in advance! These are based on the reunion episode ha!


Tim Gunn of the Philippines [PR counterpart that is]. I find him funny in the sense that he finds a way to bring in some humor while giving out his comments and suggestions. The best joke he made I think was on Mara's winning avant garde dress. hehe! Wala lang!


This episode reminded me how i effin dislike Aries. That first episode almost made me throw up. I guess the personality fits the exterior. And because of this, it made me love the mom designer. Hahaha! Aside from that particular incedent, the other cat fights were almost childish. Ngayon ko lang narealize, VeeJay had a handful of tearful moments in the show... These girls just love the drama...


Now this part is the time for quotable quotes like...

"It's beach-y not bitchy..."

I'll just make it short with this one. Rajo -- a very frank but in a very objective way and super dupper eloquent. Apples -- over and over again I find her face very, very stiff. Terresa -- Damn prettier than Apples [just an opinion OK?!]


It was like Rajo vs. Eli. Wow! Just look what pressure can do. I personally cannot picture myself saying something like "wear a bra" to someone like Rajo. Rajo's "man boobs" is just no match with Eli's firm pecks but that specific comment was under the belt. Peace ELI! I still like this guy though for calling Aries the Tiyanak! Hehehe! The fan fave price hands down is Eli's. Binoto ko yan eh! hehe!

TOP 3 Funniest Moments

Opinion ko lang po ito ha so make up your own. hehe!

TOP 3. Mommy Loida reprmanded Aries because of his awful screeching noise...I mean song.

TOP 2. The "campagne red" incident by VeeJay. Wala lang! Naaliw lang talaga ako!

TOP 1. The song number sabay gulat epek by no other than Philip Tampus! Wooohooo!!! You won gurl!

CRYIN moments

Best actress award goes's a tie! VeeJay Floresca and Aries Lagat! Enough said!

WHO's you're BET?

It's either VeeJay or Philip in my opinion... Pero it seems like walang pala si VeeJay sa mga fellow designers nya... I wonder why... Kaw? Sino na bet nyo?

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