Thursday, October 2, 2008

America's Next Top Model S11E06 -- Disasters Flipped Upside Down

Finally, Marjorie came into a breaking point. Not that she cried or anything. I don't think she's the cry baby type. Maybe, criticism got the best of her and sort of melted down on Paulina's evaluation of her on the challenge [which is self styling in catalog clothings]. So anyway, McKey won the challenge and got 50 extra frames for the photoshoot. All those negativities was carried over into the house courtesy of Marjorie of course. Perhaps all this attitude problem was primarily because of her upbringing and cultural background. Came in Samantha butting in with the whole negative energy issue. Maybe it's the editing again that makes me dislike Sam. Out of the girls who were trying to talk it out of Marjorie, it was Sam that turned a bit too bitchy bout it. Yeah, at some point I agree with her opinion but I think it was a little too much.

Then, came the photoshoot. This week's theme is L.A. Disasters. With this one, the model standings were all mixed up and jumbled again in terms of performance... I'm not crazy about the theme but in a way it's cool.

Analeigh -- Sta. Ana Winds

Clark -- Blackout

Elina -- Earthquake

Joslyn -- Rockslide

Lauren Brie -- Snowstorm

Marjorie -- Traffic Jam

McKey -- Heat Wave

Samantha -- Tidal Wave

Sheena -- Sandstorm

Apparently, CW is not yet releasing the photos for this week. I'll post 'em as soon as it shows up. Samantha was in the bottom two last time and successfully redeemed herself surfacing to the top. Clark's celebration on being the top girl was short lived as she was sent home because she didn't commit with it... Surprise, surprise, Elina was the first to hug her... Shocking...

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