Thursday, October 2, 2008

Project Runway S05E12 -- the race to Bryant Park

Right at the start of this week's show, one thing was in my mind...Send Kenley home!!! Send that bitch home! Oh well...

It supposed to be the last runway show before the finale at Bryant Park. The challenge as to create a look that's inspired by the numero uno muse of all time, Mother Nature. They went to this park to take some pictures to serve as an inspiration for their creation. It didn't quite turned out to be an all glam and fab challenge for everyone was overwhelmed by the pressure since it was the make it or break it point of the competition. As we all know, Kenley being the resident bitch of the house, was singled out and was isolated by the other three designers. Mainly because of her obnoxious personality. Over and over again, my reviews about her was so negative. At one point of this particular episode, I felt a bit sorry for her because all through out this challenge, it was as if she's the personification of loneliness. But towards the end of the show at the judging panel, I definitely think she deserves all the thrashing. Very unrespectful. And her dress, UGLY! Tim and the judges was turned off by the scally look but she was like Thank You that was the look I was going for. I was like...what?

Jerell -- winner




As for the other designers, everyone of 'em have a particular problem that made the judges nervous. Jerell, though he won this challenge, was critiqued with the finishes of his dress. Korto's work was a bit of a beauty pageant gown and not quite what Korto usually does. And as for Leanne, though praised with her new found softness, had trouble at the back side of her work with a distracting blue cloth thrown there. With all of these been said, the judges have decided not to eliminate anyone just yet... All four designers will go home and create their own collections; return to NYC to present 'em to the judges, then one won't push through and will be eliminated. It was like last season when Rami and Chris March competed for that third spot to Bryant Park but this time, all four of 'em will compete to break the tie for the spot.

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