Monday, October 20, 2008

toughest ANTM survey...

A must answer survey for ANTM fans out there... This one's from TopModel community in LiveJournal...Trust would take a lot of time...

Bored? Questionnaire!
Just out of curiosity/boredom:

1. If you were to rank the winners from best to worst, what would it be?
1st and best - Yoanna; 2nd - Eva; 3rd - Danielle; 4th - Adrianne; 5th - Caridee; 6th - Naima; 7th - Nicole; 8th - Jaslene; 9th - Whitney; 10th and worst winner of al time - Seleisha

2. Who should have won each cycle? Was it the right girl or someone else? Which other girls would you have preferred over the winner?
C1- could have been Elyse
C2- I'm fine with the winner
C3- I'm fine with the winner
C4- I'm fine with the winner though I think it's a tie with Kahlen
C5- Tie din with Nik
C6- I love Joannie but Dani was better
C7- I'm fine with the winner
C8- Brittany was great but yeah, Jaslene was such a fierce Latina bitch
C9- anyone but the winner...DUH?!?!?! Even damn Spontaneous girl can win over her...
C10- Anya or Katarzyana... not Whitney for sure...

3. In each cycle, who should never have made it onto the show?
C1- Robin...I thought she's a help there...
C2- Bethany...just not a model
C3- Kelle and Jenipher... I mean...not with the monkey snout right?
C4- Brandy...that bitch
C5- Ashley...bad eye bags...tsk tsk
C6- furonda...pero nakabawi naman sya so ok lang
C7- Monique...kase isip bata sobra...
C8- comment
C9- Seleisha...worst nga e di ba
C10- Allison...yabang
C11- Sharaun...

4. Who was robbed/got eliminated way too early?
C1- Elyse...kasi nga sya dapat nanalo
C2- Jenascia...meh lahing pinay e...hehe
C3- Cassie
C4- Tiffany...nasigawan lang eh
C5- Kim
C6- Kari
C7- Michelle
C8- Samantha
C9- Heather
C10- Aimee

5. Who went way farther than they should have?
C1- Robin
C2- Camille
C3- Yaya...yoko lang sa kanya
C4- Keenyah
C5- Jayla
C6- Jade
C7- Melrose...kyeme na kung magaling sya
C8- Jael
C9- Dora the explorer?
C10- Whitney

6. If you were to rank the cycles by their overall casts from best to worst, what would it be?
Best - C2; 2nd- C1; 3rd - C3; 4th - C4; 5th - C6; 6th - C5; 7th - C7; 8th - C8; 9th - C10; 10th and worst - C9...thnx to Dora

7. Top 10 favorite girls, regardless of cycle.
Hirap naman nito... 1.Elyse; 2.Yoanna; 3.Toccara; 4th.Norelle; 5th.Heather(C9); 6th.Natasha; 7th.Kahlen; 8th.Joannie; 9th.Danielle; 10th.Caridee

8. Top ten least favorite girls, regardless of cycle.
1st.Seleisha; 2nd.Bianca; 3rd.Monique; 4th.Whitney(C10); 5th.Brandy; 6th.Jennipher(C3); 7th.Magdalena; 8th.Jaslene; 9th.Camille; 10th.Robin

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