Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Project Runway Pinas S01E11 -- make or break the Imeldific

When I saw the trip destination for the designers, immediately I thought of one guy. OMG! I was so fuckin thrilled once I saw Carlos Celdran, the fabulous tour guide extra ordinaire!!! I was like WEEE!!! Hehehe! Angie, eto na yung tour natin! HEHE! Same guy, same personality, not same place though. Love, love, love this guy!

Anyways... The challenge is to make a 'terno'. To make it a bit untraditional could really be a challenge and a half. I mean the 'terno' literally means a sort of butterfly sleeved gown and nothing else. I couldn't thing of anyone better lookin in a terno than the former first lady, Imelda Marcos. An icon like no other. O, di ba pang TopModel...hehe!

Last runway show, last chance to wow the judges before the Philippine Fashion Week. In my opinion, Project Runway Philippines is way, way far from the tragic PNTM. That was just dreadful. Thank goodness, they pulled it off this time. Three designers did pheonomenal job doing the challenge and one clear eliminee... The tribe has spoken, este judges pala... Philip won the challenge by making a modern 'saya'. It was Aries and Mara at the bottom two. Oh how I wish they vote out the bitch tiyanak out...but... FUCK! I hate to see Mara go but this challenge's just not for her...

So who will win? Philip? VeeJay? or Aries?

Project Runway Philippines reunion next week!

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