Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Project Runway Pinas S01E10 -- Pinoy Avant Garde

Once I saw the building where the designers went, I immediately recognized it as Rajo's Fashion House. Uyyy...may alam daw ba talaga ako! Haha! I've been there twice [thanks ulit Angie! hehe!] of course with Angie and Allan [for Angie's theses BTW].

So anyway...ang drama ni Aries huh! Draining energy from the viewers ba. It was funny because while Rajo was taking the designers for a tour at his place, I was like, hey I sat there at that very seat! Hehe! I really friggin clean and minimalistic office he got. As what Rajo said in Angie's interview, Ms. Natori told him that his fashion house is very much like Valentino's.

This week's challenge was a fun one since it's all about making garments using our very own indigenous materials like abaca fibers. Pinoy Avant Garde! Expectations are running high and I personally think that each and everyone of 'em are living up to it. VeeJay made me laugh again. Last, last week, the "champagne RED" fabric was super hilarious. Then this week his model said that she looked like a PATO when she fitted Veejay's outfit and he was like "Ay oo nga, muka ka ngang PATO". Hehe!

To Team MARA out there, congrats! An "I Looove IT!" from Rajo was the best compliment for the week and was enough to name her the winner for this challenge. Apparently and surprisingly, all of 'em didn't get a perfect positive feedbacks from the judges. In fact, a lot of negatives. Lacks editing, amateur-ish, non-surprising, not avant garde enough... agree ba kayo? Jaz got the "ingat" from Terresa and VeeJay's "duster" went on...

OMG nabawasan ulit top three ko! Waahhh! My new top three line up... Mara, VeeJay, Philip.

Eh sa ayoko kay Aries eh! Drama queen...jowk!

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