Thursday, October 9, 2008

Project Runway S05E13 -- why be the bridesmaid?

So, as we all know, the four remaining designers would design their collection for the New York Fashion Week at Bryant Park but only three would push through. To break the tie, before sending them home to start their work, they were given a challenge...a wedding gown. As much as they don't want any extra work, they just have no choice.

Four weeks after the last runway show, Tim visited each of the designers for consultation and to meet their folks. All of 'em have their 'love interests' just as what Jerell put it except for Kenley. I wonder why... I have to say that each of 'em have made some interesting pieces even Kenley. Then after 2 months of work, work, work, they all went back to New York. Though for a moment or two, the atmosphere of the Presidential Suite went a bit tensed once Kenley appeared at the door but surprisingly, she learned to tone it down. Quite positive actually.

They finally went to the Bluefly studio for another round of work. Poof! Came another challenge...the bridesmaid dress. It's a lot of stress but then again, they have no choice.

Jerell -- wedding dress

Jerell -- bridesmaid dress

Kenley -- wedding dress

Kenley -- bridesmaid dress

Korto -- wedding dress

Korto -- bridesmaid dress

Leanne -- wedding dress

Leanne -- bridesmaid dress

Though Kenley's wedding gown was compared to Alexander McQueen's, the judges was still impressed with the worksmanship and they loved it. I guess Leanne's was the one who won the challenge [no winner was chosen for this round] for her architectural construction of her wedding gown. Korto's and Jerell's were quite bad that even I can tell that they were pretty bad. Korto's quite overworked and Jerell's sort of garish and way over embelished on the top part. Again, like Mara of PRP, I hate to see Jerell go over Kenley [ganda naman ni Kenley kumpara sa tiyanak na si *toot*] but I guess, with this round, the latter deserved that third spot for Bryant Park.

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