Saturday, October 18, 2008

Why does it have to be so effin addictive?

Here I am, facing my pc at exactly 12:35 am, simply because I wanna share you my new found addiction...SKINS.

[Cassie, Michelle, Tony, Effy, Anwar, Sid, Chris, Jal and Maxxie]

I recently finished watching the first season of Skins [my new addiction] and just watched the first episode of the Second season... I first knew about this U.K. based series from YouTube because of one particular character, Maxxie. Well, it was sort of odd starting with the 6th episode first since I searched Maxxie instead of Skins in my fave torrent site. So anyway, my first impression with it was that it's a typical young adult series with a twist. The twist is that they swear almost every other second and lots of raging horny teens. That episode was dedicated to Maxxie's and Anwar's character and the setting was that they went to Russia for a school field trip. Maxxie's gay by the way and Anwar was the Indian Muslim boy who's a bit in denial with his best buddy's identity.

I only watched one episode because I'm not that crazy bout it then. Then I recently found out that a friend of mine was so into it that made me think why not watch the whole thing. At least it makes more sense now. I get to know each characters identity and their extra ordinarily unique situations and life styles. It was only then that I found the deeper people in these 17 y/o's. A playboy who seem to f*ck with everybody [Tony], a girl with an eating disorder [Cassie], a black girl who said that brown dress is green [Jal], a boy who's in love with his psychology teacher [Chris], a boy who did his homework after all [Sid], the gay boy [Maxxie] and his Muslim buddy [Anwar], the girl who's in love with her playboy BF [Michelle], and the girl who had an overdose [Effy].

Best episodes so far [for me] were the last two episodes of the first season. They were quite disturbing at some point but for sure you'll learn a lot from it. It was when Tony started to stop being jerk and Cassie almost taken her own life because of Sid. The finale was just so, so pheonomenal. It is here that finally declared to myself that this is my new addiction.

As I've said, I just watched S02E01 and I can't help but compare it with Queer as Folk. I remember there was an almost similar case wherein someone got a bit of some brain injury. In Skins, in the first season finale, when Tony finally managed to say I love you to Michelle, he got hit by a bus [and managed to sing along with the others in the closing song...ooohh baby, baby, it's a wild world...Love that song]. Whereas in QAF, Justin got hit by a homophobe on the head with a baseball bat. Both were quite traumatic but I have to say that it was more intense in QAF. It's quite funny that both these series started their second season showing these guys having trouble writing and how frustrated they are on their current state. And with that note, I'll make sure to finish Skins no matter what...hehe!

To rap it up, here's the song Wild World "performed" by the main cast...

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