Sunday, October 12, 2008

Celebrity Duets -- just too good to be true

Indeed it was just too good to be true that Mr. Younghusband came this far in the competition but in all fairness to him, he really was the most improved. I especifically like this performance with Eula Valdez...Can the title be anymore perfect for him...

Introduced by no other than his equally [if not more] delectable brother James. How...cute?! hehe! It was just touching how they care for each other. Saw him cry last night on national television and that was a bit surprising just because no one cried like that before on that show [as far as I can remember] because he/she was eliminated. Probably because he enjoyed it too much and everyone witnessed the drastic change from his first day on Celebrity Duets til he was eliminated.Sayang, I sort of enjoyed pa naman when Ogie was making his gay jokes on Phil. Benta pramis! Hehehe!

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