Monday, June 23, 2008

Just a glimpse of THE Tour...

His hats, his clear book, his theatrics, and his incredbly spotless feet; no other than Mr. Carlos Celdran... The trip to San Agustin Church and Casa Manila in Intramuros that I just can't get over with feels like it happened just this afternoon.
For you guys who haven't experienced the flash back to the past with this guy, watch him do what he does best.

Right from the discovery of the Philippines, the rise and fall of Manila, to what an A-hole McArthur was, name it, Celdran knows it better than what the history books say. I was just so amazed on how he does it effortlessly. Well, doing perhaps tons of times before, no wonder he mastered and perfected each and every performance he did and will do in the future. Salute to you Mr. Celdran!

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