Saturday, June 7, 2008

it's almost here ~the ECHO~

Fingers crossed, I'm hoping for the succes of the movie "The Echo" starring Jesse Bradford of Flags of Our Fathers. It is a remake of "Sigaw", one of the most horrifying movies I've seen that showcases the true pure talent of Mr. Yam Laranas. Good thing that the "the ECHO" movie is also under the same director which makes it more exciting for me because finally, we'll see one of our kababayans making us proud again.
I've been reading some articles over the net (specially Yam Laranas' blog) about the said movie and I can see that it is not your cheesey kind of horror flick. Highly technical but not in the sense that they used tons of special effects. Just can't wait! For more info and insites about the ECHO, click here.

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