Sunday, June 22, 2008

I'll miss my superMODELs...

It's been a while since the show ended and I totally miss the contestants of Make Me a Super Model. Just an opinion, I think this show is proven to be way better than ANTM. Don't get me wrong, I still love ANTM. It's just that the male contestants sort of made the training ground more exciting. Plus it lessen the "girly" stuff that took its toll on me watching 10 cycles of ANTM.
MMaSM is proven to be a hard competitor for ANTM to beat and here are some of my fave contestants of the show:

Casey: One of Perry's "boys" (other one is Frankie). Such a good, good friend to Perry and I believe one of the best looking guys in the house. Super funny guy and have are really big phobia on snakes. By the way, steamy hot bed photoshoot with Perry with the lickin action going on. HEHE!

Perry: Cocky, funny and unexpectedly controversial. Funny as hell like Casey. He had taken exceptionally stunning fotos. I think he's more of a performer than a model. He could really make the girls pissed off sometimes. The rumors between his girlfriend and Britney's paparazzo boyfriend banged just like that and hit the media causing him to be emotionally exhausted during the last few episodes of the show.

Shannon: Surprisingly competitive and beautiful. Tallest among all the contestants I guess. She could turn a bitchy bitch when necessary. Being the second to the last girl on the game, she made really good friends with Holly.

Holly: A model from that start. She's just the clear winner of the show. Winning challenges after challenges made her a big threat to the other contestants. Fabulous!

"BRONNIE": (Ben and Ronnie) Ben being the straight guy and Ronnie the gay one being in the same room in the house probably caught the viewing audience's (inlcuding MOI) interest. America must have loved the 'couple' so much because of their staying power in the show. Hands down, two of the show's best male models. The finale episode was pretty funny having their loved ones see them. Ben's wife showed up and Ronnie's mom too. In the cutest way the only thing Ronnie can say to Ben's wife is "Awkward!" then laughed. I salute Ben in his attitude towards Ronnie because he respects him and even considered him a true friend.

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