Sunday, June 15, 2008

finally... a come back, AGAIN

It had been more or less a week since my last post just because of some terrible connection. Anyways, I'm here so no more complaints. Last week, classes started once again and it was quite fine. We didn't do anything serious studying yet. Professors are not of complete attendance as expected. My schedule kindda sucks because of the big vacant time that I have to fill in. Some people might be thinking like why am I unhappy with this kind of schedule when I can do all I want in between classes. Trust me, if you run out of things to do on those vacant periods you'll be bored like hell and perhaps may proceed on not going to your next class at all (which I promise that I won't do ever again, this time it's for real). People in my supposed batch are constantly talking about their thesis. Maybe I'm just getting a bit paranoid about this stuff because I got left behind. Now, my mind set is that, Jio, suck it up and just deal with the consequence of your actions. Unlike last school year, I'm pretty much fit on going back to school (as in emotionally, mentally and physically fit)... I'm having this feeling that this will definitely be a good year for me...
Last, last week, I'm bored as hell and the only thing I can turn up to is my laptop. Not an active person here so go bored easily. I have my Adobe Photoshop installed in my PC for like a month or so and I just didn't now what to do with it. I was totally idiotic with the commands and stuff so I checked out some tutorials there. One thing led to another and boom, I learned the basics. I want your opinion, is this bad for a firstimer?

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