Sunday, June 15, 2008

dare to be Nationalistic? Bare it...

Joey Mead...Proud Pinay, ready to get butt naked to give the message across. Oh boy is she fine... What's your take with this magazine cover:

I was listining on Mo Twister's radio show and they talked about this very provocative picture. Mo said that yeah he knows that it's wrong to have a nude model wearing the painted Philippine flag but it's just that it didn't offended him as much as others may react. Mojo said that it was dead wrong and so with Miguel. As for me, I think I'll go with Mo's take on it. I consider myself a very patriotic person up to a certain extent but in my opinion, the image just translate the undertitle written there: "The naked truth about who we are and where we're going". I know it's a men's mag but I just do think that it's artistically done. But on the other side, perhaps it would be less of a harm if they put the picture inside and put a less provocative one. Sex really do sells and this one's a very good example of it...Kaw? Ano tingin mo?

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you. I was not offended by the cover nor did I think it an insult to our country. Though I'm not surprised other people think otherwise--ah well, to each his own. For me, It was artistically executed and I thought Joey Mead, albeit all the "old model" comments attacking her on other Internet sites, looked foxy! Phew!