Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Breaking the stereotypes...

Hmmm... in which group do you think people would put you into? Nerd group? Ultra vampire group (sip2x)? The unlikely EMO group? The trying hard to be discreet CLOSET gay guy group? The list could go on for centuries and you might find yourself in a group or so. Rumors of whether your like this or not could go on as long as well but only you can answer what's the truth.

UGH! I hate stereotypes! To be stereotypical for me is like BLAH! No originality or what so ever, do whatever to fit in. As in YUCK it disgusts me! "Uso kasi eh! or Ganyan kase dapat! or Di ba lahat ng ganun ganyan?" You need to be like this, like that and sometimes, no matter how hard we try we just don't fit. Sometimes, you feel like people just don't understand that you are a genus of your own and nothing like the others.

Let's take the EMO wannabes. Almost everyday when I commute from my house to school then vice versa, I see these group of teenagers dressed in skinny jeans in ultra tight shirt with the gasgas EMO hair style; they have these coffin shape bags complete with the cross on it, checkered sneakers; all in all a very ragged attire. All these 'costumey' clothes they put on plus black eyeliner just don't translate because some of them doesn't even know the MUSIC where the whole thing basically came from. I'm not bashing on this group of people but it's just my opinion based on observation.

Another is the way OUT of the closet group (if you know what I mean). What's up with the students that even if they're in their uniforms and all, they still look like in drag. People would probably put them in the future "parlorista" group, most especially to the extreme homophobes. When you're playing it tough and macho, nah, you'll never be labled 'malangsa' or 'binabae'. Macho eh, pare, dude, bro, yeah whatever. When you play it tough and macho, and you're not, then you'll hide in your CLOSET. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! Poor thing!

As what I've said, the list of stereotypes could go on and on and on and on...I cannot tackle them all here but I'm sure you have an idea or two bout those stuff. All I'm trying to say is that, get your own life! Be who you are and not any body else. I believe that who you are is not what others expect you to be or what others want you to be. It is true that the people whom you are with reflects who you are but not necessarily completely who you are right? Be your own and be original. Piracy is never a good thing.

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