Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hurry for a SUPER SALE!!!

My top three places in the Asia Pacific area that I would love to travel to are Singapore, Hong Kong, and Bangkok. For sure, the treatment would be like royalties. And if you guys are planning to go on travel in the region, I got a great news for ya'll! Accor Hotels City Super Sale is just the nicest thing for the travel aficionados out there for they got the best offers for their hotel accommodations. I recommend you check out their site for their promo which is by the way for a limited time only!!! If you got the money to spare, this is just the way to go!

Just imagine how generous Accor Hotels are! In over 27 cities in the Asia Pacific including Manila, Beijing, Shanghai, Bangkok, Hanoi, Mumbai, Auckland, and 20 more great other cities [in 10 countries in the area] the hotel rates are being reduced in Accor's new City Super Sale. 60% of savings will be of your advantage if you'll book online from 23rd to 29th of June for your stay in between July 10 to September 30th, 2009 so you better hurry up! 250,000 room nights and over will be on sale, and rates starting with a very low US$25 per night.

Rates may vary for Accor's various brands with Sofitel, Pullman, Grand Maercure, Novotel, MErcure, All Seasons and Ibis hotels participating, providing a vast range of very affordable options during the 2 and a half months.

With the Accor 'City Super Sale', you can also enjoy record-low air fares across the region which allows you guys to travel in great quality in bargain rates! So hurry up and check 'em now!

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