Monday, June 8, 2009

More Charo Ronquillo

Here are more photos of Charo from her Facebook... Hehehe! I'm such a stalker...

Reminds me of Rhian Ramos. Nevertheless, she's so pretty here...
And guess what, she appeared on the Tyra Banks Show.

Just an observation... Tall, slender, morena/kayumanggi, and long hair... Apparently, these are the qualities of a Filipina that makes 'em stand out physically in the international scene.

Exhibit A. Gloria Diaz -- Miss Universe 1969

Exhibit B. Miriam Quiambao -- Miss Universe 1sr Runner Up 1999

Exhibit C. Anna Bayle -- First Asian Supermodel
Charo is said to be the next Anna Bayle and in fact, she's on her way...

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