Thursday, June 4, 2009

Make Me A Supermodel Season 2 Finale -- thoughts and photos

Season 2 finally ended and I thought it was pretty average. I'm not a hundred percent happy with the Finale episode but I'm cool with it. At least my early bet won this one. Branden! Jonathan, on the other hand, grew on me so I would have been happier if he won. His story and personality is more endearing compared to Branden and Sandhurst combined. Gosh, Jon's baby is so cute and his wife is so pretty...

So anyway, here are some random pictures from the final three
[from facebook and cyberspace]

Yep, that's McKey with Sandhurst. No camera trick you guys. Apparently, this two worked together in Trinidad and Tobago's Fashion Week. If you've followed MMaS, you probably have and idea how big of a guy is Sanhurst. Man, this girl got some muscles.

Jonathan with his family. I can tell that he's such a dedicated family man.

Some recent works of Jonathan. This dude can make millions now...

Young and hip. He won over the other two because of his transformation from a boy to a man. Just like his mom said, "I sent a boy to New York, I got a man back".

Tyson looked like a midget here... I like Nicole...but not in this picture.
Oh well, congratulations to Branden and may you flourish in the industry...

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