Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just the Stretch....

ME gosh! It has been more than a month since my last post so let me just get my stretching going on...

WOW! July was quite a month as many things happened both in local and in the international scene... As much as I wanted to give it a summary and stuff, it'll be just too late in blogging world so I won't get into it...except maybe for one great event, which was the passing away of our former President Corazon Aquino.

Summarized in a phrase, the whole ordeal can be put into simply "Cory magic". Needless to say, this was another chapter of our country's history. Hate to dish in the dirt but I just can't hold it back... Every chismis tabloid, talk shows, showbiz websites probably had this guy's name both because of his "generous" acts [suspicious is more appropriate] and his 'glitches'...

Who else but Mr. Revillame. What's the latest about him, let's see... Oh, right, he's on an indefinite leave. Apparently, at the height of national mourning, Mr. Revillame doesn't want to be disturbed on his job which involves making his followers 'happy' and a dancing chick. We all know what he said [as I've said, it's all over the news], and just sounds very selfish. It's all about him in the end, and to quote what he said "nagpapakatotoo lang ako". What irritated me the most was when his audience were all cheering up for him as if he's the hero all along. I don't know bout you guys but if I were one of those people, I would have walked out. It was nothing but disrespectful and disgraceful.

I just wonder why of all the controversies thrown his way and on his show, they still go on as if nothing happened at all. The Ultra Stampede went and passed and for years, was anything done? Their game segment with the infamous 'glitch' scene went and passed, guess what, their show still goes on. His wife left him...gee I wonder why... And now these. UGH! It's Willie's "magic" all along. And what, after a few weeks he'll be back? Or perhaps a teary eyed Willie giving a statement tomorrow or the other day? Puh-leeze!

Imagine...a show named after one particular host...guess what, he not there, AGAIN... Where is he? Maybe cruising in his yacht...whatever... ABS should do him good. According to a very reliable source [the net..hehe] he said "Kung may pagkakasala ako at kailangan niyo akong ipakulong, e di magpapakulong ako". I'm not surprised. It appears to me that he's not even a single bit afraid of getting into jail. Why fear the bars, if you have the money to avoid 'em. Seriously, if he doesn't have that power, we could have seen him behind the bars way long before. Really, I pity his ex-wife.

Now, it's only a matter of time on what actions will be done to him by ABS and by authorities. I believe a lot of Filipinos around the world, whom are greatly affected if not more than the Aquino family, on what Mr. Revillame had said. Overwhelming rush of petitions were made by these people in the hope to see him reprimanded on his act. Fingers crossed!

Laban for Cory and Looser for...hmmm...nevermind.

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