Monday, June 22, 2009

Politics + Pacquiao = CIRCUS

Let me just put my two cents in this topic as it is SUPER duper infuriating! Like UGH!!!

More or less, it is confirmed that the "People's Champ" [sarcastically saying], Manny Pacquiao would be running as a congressman in Saranggani if I'm not mistaken. Just this once, the song Stick to the Status Quo [of HSM] seems to be the soundest advice for him. Personally, this move translates into something like "Hey, I'm filthy rich, I'm so damn popular, I can minimize the traffic every once in a while, and I got connections, why not run?".

It is pretty much established that Philippine Politics became the playground of the elites, the popular, and the rich nuisance. And a lot of times, these people can make a damn big mess as they're also humans. But the thing is, if something so pure of an intention [as they say Pacquiao's is] backed up with people with questionable reputation such as that dude who's name sounds like 'hooked up' in the native language and that lady with that freaking scary mole on the face, what do you think will happen? And oh, don't forget that friggin Hawaiian shirt dude! Despite the 'advice kuno' that he gave to Pacquiao on not to run...who are you fooling again?

Let's just call him a politician's accessory. Forget about the glory he brought to this country, the fame he managed to achieve, and not to mention, the money he generated and gave to charity. He's used inevitable and I'm not even sure if he's aware of it. And if he does, he probably enjoys whatever benefit it has given him so far. It is just irritating to hear some random people being interviewed on TV saying they'll support this non sense only because they believe that this guy can give a lot... Like, up to what extent? Wake the freakin hell up or I'll smack you on the face!

It is a circus as it is. Why add gas to the fire? It sounds as dumb as the catch phrase "metro gwapo" and a freaking city painted in pink. For president? Puh-leez! And what's with the well publicized marraige proposal? Are you kidding me with your trike ride? By the way, that's the worst and stupidest televised campaign I've ever watched... Talk about hideous...

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