Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sex and the City -- works just like a pill

Addiction is the word. It's been out of TV for quite a while now and a movie came along and made a big hit. After Queer as Folk, Skins, movies and other marathons, SATC is my new addiction now. To be honest I haven't really saw all the episodes on TV and I have no intention or whatsoever to rent or buy DVDs. Download to death; why buy if you can have it for free [well, not really...for the expense of towering electric bills]. So anyway, I feel like a Carrie Bradshaw whenever I type in a post for my blog. I don't have a newspaper to publish my articles but I only have the whole world to read 'em, thank you very much.

I saw these couple of episodes from the series about Carrie's second break up with Mr. Big and it took her a lot just to try to forget all about him. Then there was this 5'10" woman who came along Big's life. Got engaged and then got married. No, I didn't have an ex who got engaged, more so, who got married. But I kind of saw myself in her in a twisted kind of way. I got this ex whom I've been with on and off for like...3 or 4 years. First serious relationship, that's what it was. Since it was a long distance relationship and we only saw each other for less than 7 or 6 days a month, it was somewhat a not meant to happen kind of thing. I was crazy to even agree with such set up as I look at it right now. To make the long story short, I finally gave it up and moved on. Then, for I don't know how long it was, I got this news that my ex got a new bf. It was insanse painful then that I said to myself, my trash, not your treasure. I flirted my way back [which is wrong, I'm telling ya] out of jealousy and a bitter self. Right then and there, I finally knew how it felt to be a No. 2. It sounds too freaky to me right now and it felt like goose bumps all over.

My ex who became a non-ex [now permanently an ex] told me about the other one and the problems on going with their "relationship", it smelled more like fire in a gas station, the devil in me took over and made the fire grow even bigger. I don't exaclty know when did it start to hit me that what I was doing was wrong and pure evil but it hit me anyway [thank you Lord!] and finally gave up my now permanently ex for good.

Just like Tyra once said, everyone's messed up sometimes. And maybe it is true that one's trash is another's treasure. We may not ended up like the happy ever after Carrie and Big had in a court wedding. But I got one happy future waiting for me with someone whom I trust and always makes me laugh. Going two and going strong... HAH!

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