Monday, December 15, 2008

QAF character -- Pick or Choose?

A contact brought up a topic about him becoming a Brian Kinney this days. And coincidentally I was watching these few last episodes from the series [made me cry, made me laugh, made me go angry, and made me said "awww"]. So that's the reason why I'm doing this survey to you guys out there... Which QAF character would you rather be?

Is it A : Brian Kinney, the guy that you either hate or love. Nearly f*cked every single, available, gay bachelor of Liberty Avenue but fell in love after all. He's such a "frenemy" to the people who knew him. Brian may say "Got problem? Screw you! I don't give a sh*t!", but he'll work in his secret ways to help you out [awww...just like Santa].Or B: Justin, the determined younger lover of Brian. His positive and naive self was changed when he met Brian but that doesn't mean the name "Sunshine" won't fit him right. Got bashed on the head by a homophobe but got up and got stronger.

Maybe C : Michael, the best of the best friend you can ever have. A comic book fanatic and a great lover. He's nice and all but don't dare get over the line because he can be your worst enemy too. He have had some feelings for his long time best friend Brian but they're just not meant to be together.Perhaps D : Emmett, the loud and openly out gay boy of the group. Dated the rich and famous and became an internet and TV personality himself. Call him whatever you want but he'll always remain himself. His motto : f*ck em all!
Or, E: Ted Schmidt, the awkward accountant who always finds himself in some crazy serious situations. Had a secret crush on his friend Michael. He also had Brian as the person responsible for his life support when he got overdosed.Or maybe F: Ben, loving partner/husband of Michael. He's a professor and Michael's a comic book store owner; put them together: perfect couple. Though Ben's HIV positive, it's never a reason for him not to be loved. He nearly killed someone who said Michael and all gays should die. Now that's love.

Maybe Lindsay and Melanie : Lesbian couple whom stayed committed to each other for years. Lindsay had a kid with Brian as the father and Melanie had a daughter with Michael. Almost got divorced but love prevailed.
There you go folks, pick or choose... Who would you be?

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