Sunday, December 7, 2008

6th ain't bad but 3rd is BETTER...

Apparently, the 6th spot for E!'s Sexiest Men in the World is no more for Mr. Dantes. Nope, not eradicated from the list but went 3 notches up taking that 3rd place probably next to Beckham and Depp of UK and US respectively. Geez! Look where fame can bring you this days. One big time hit TV show after another; a cover on COSMO with no hint of clothing on; a sexy undies fashion show; anewly [and relatively] built chiselled body, BAM you make it to the Sexiest list. What a joy for Dingdong a.k.a Sergio/Fredo Dantes. Nice Christmas present BTW for him. Hope to see it soon on TV!

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