Sunday, December 7, 2008

Have Fun with Kerchoonz!

I found this site which is really fun when you're looking for Music from your fave bands, Videos and even really fun flash games! It's like Friendster, Imeem, YouTube rolled into one plus many more extras! You can make friends with other members through photo sharing, music streaming and downloading, etc. Artists and the labels are ensured to be paid through their advertising revenue. Plus, both the artists and fans can make their own money here by referring other bands and artists to their site! Now that's cool. As they say, there ain't going to be losers here, just winners!

My favorite features of the site are the free stuff and the fun games! Lot's of funny and interesting videos from the members. And if you're a music lover like myself, then Kerchoonz is a perfect site for you to go to. Take note that Kerchoonz is free to the listeners and to the downloaders as well for the goal of make Kerchoonz grow as an alternative to the even bigger group of pirates for free music. Ain't that a good move and turn it into a big revolution against piracy?

I swear you can enjoy the fun and help fight piracy too! If you sign up in Kerchoonz, you'll have the greatest internet time you'll ever have... Cool huh?!

To sign up just go to

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