Friday, December 5, 2008

E! True Hollywood Story -- Tyra Banks

I finally saw the man behind the name of Ken Mok! OMG! But still not sure if he's Chinese or Japanese? Oh, BTW, the episode was about Tyra. Haha! Past relationships, modeling success, ANTM, and all the craziness. Nice to see Janice Dickinson again on TV! Again, this one's supposed to be about Tyra... And oh, Roy Campbell too and Mr. Jay... Oopsss! Tyra...this is about Tyra.
They talked about the issue with Tiffany of Cycle 4. Miraculously, she got over it. They also slightly touched the issue bout the transition from the Janice era to the Twiggy age. Things I've learned from this episode: Tyra's a perfectionist, 100% real including her breasts, a "bit" crazy, and does have a big forehead. Despite all the negatives that are being thrown to her, you got to give it to her that she's a hardworking person who served as a fairy god mother to lots and lots of people, myself included. Why? Because...with out her, ANTM won't be in existence, and without ANTM, TV history will forever be boring [no...seriously]. So, cheers to that! Ciao!
Wooohhh chow... make that 100% a 90%...hehe! Everyone say FIERCE!!! Go Tyra!

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