Wednesday, December 3, 2008

E! 25 Sexiest Men of the World -- Revealed

I just recently learned [as in about 3 minutes earlier] that they already released the names and ranking of these fine men. Excuse my ignorance about it to those who already heard of the news. If it surprised you at all, perhaps you're living in another distant planet, that David Beckham ranked 1 on the list. What's surprising though is that our very own, Dingdong Dantes, bagged the 6th place. Not only is it quite a high position [or at least high for my expectations], he also ranked as the top sexiest Asian man on the list. Cool huh?! Now that's something to be proud of.
Here's the list of the E!'s Sexiest Men of the world:

1. David Beckham (UK - soccer player)
2. Johnny Depp (USA - actor)
3. David Zepeda (Mexico - actor, model)
4. Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Ireland - actor)
5. Djimon Hounsou (Benin - actor)
6. Dingdong Dantes (Philippines - actor, model)
7. John Abraham (India - actor)
8. Freddie Ljungberg (Sweden - soccer player)
9. Maciej ZakoŇõcielny (Poland - actor)
10. Ryan Reynolds (Canada - actor)
11. Dan Carter (New Zealand - rugby player)
12. Michael Lewis (Israel - model)
13. Raoul Bova (Italy - actor)
14. Michel Gurfi (Argentina - actor)
15. Edison Chen (Hong Kong - actor)
16. Keith Urban (Australia - singer)
17. Gilles Marini (France - actor)
18. Kostas Martakis (Greece - singer)
19. Til Schweiger (Germany - actor, director)
20. Takeshi Kaneshiro (Japan - actor)
21. Danny K (South Africa - singer)
22. Olivier Martinez (France - actor)
23. Mark Vanderloo (Netherlands - model)
24. Reynaldo Gianecchini (Brazil - actor)
25. Enrique Iglesias (Spain - singer)

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