Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Para sa mga Malalamig ang Christmas -- Love of Siam

A contact of mine posted the whole movie here in Multiply. More than anything, it's the curiosity that made me want to watch this. It was a really nice plot with the sense of innocence. Sort of gay perhaps, but never the less very touching. No wonder both heteros and homos could appreciate this movie. A must see!

Love can be very poetic some times. Love may comes from different places, different times, different people. May end up good or bad, but you love, and that's what matters most. The ending sucked though [personal opinion]. It was like what Nole Marin said to Ann, it's almost orgasmic there but did not quite make it. Oh please, why not made them end up together. The kids deserve to have some fun! He he! But no, seriously, it was a very touching movie to watch because if it's not, I probably am not typing this at 01:14 am.


Kudos for the August band. I like Ying. Donut was such a dumb bitch you just don't get it at all. Tong, how dare you break Mew's heart but still...you're cute. Mew, that's OK, you'll be fine, a lead singer of a band like you can hit on anyone just like that. June/Tang, keep on your story telling, you'll have a future on that. To Tong's mom, why not be happy for the kid, darn it. Tong's dad, you're a classic example of a hard headed selfish prick. To Mew's grandma, you rock!

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