Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Raymond who wowed Ryan and Randy

Raymond Gutierrez

Ryan Seacrest

Randy Jackson

More than impressed, Ryan Seacrest played a part of the hosting job that Raymond Gutierrez did in Pinoy Idol [in his radio show]. Upon hearing this, even though I'm not a big fan of Raymond, napa-wow din ako. Sometimes, it really takes someone else's opinion before you appreciate something or someone right? I mean, kaka-aliw! hehe! It is said that Ryan will be doing the same intro [that Raymond did] this season of American Idol. Seriously, it such a huge compliment even though it's quite indirect. Then, gulat ako, Randy's voice suddenly heard and was also wowed and impressed. One thing's certain now, Raymond had proven himself and his hosting talent to be in international level. Far from his twin brother's forte, which is more on being the matinee idol and big time actor.

Just a personal opinion guys, I think Raymond looks so much better than his twin only if they're of the same physique, if you know what I mean...

Richard and Raymond Gutierrez

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