Friday, January 30, 2009

ANTM's "real" Top Models PART I

Here's a list of ANTM alumni that in my opinion deserves the title of being a Top Model. Mostly non-winners and some are non-active models this days but none the less, they're top models in their own right.

Cycle 1

Elyse Sewell
Such a huge fan. Need I say more?

Cycle 2
Shandi Sullivan

Many people misses her doing modeling, myself included.

Yoanna House

If you can sell this helmet on your head and still be beautiful in it, damn you're a good model.

Cycle 3
Toccara Jones

F-A-B-O...I think it's supposed to be fabulous... She's fierce in every way...

That's it folks... PART II still to come [cycles 4-6]...

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