Friday, January 16, 2009

ANTM models at their worst -- ENJOY!

Am a bit notorious on grabbing photos from ANTM LJ community ya'll and I admit it. At least I'm not claiming someone else's work. Anyway, the following pictures were taken from the ANTM Obsessed launch party of Oxygen featuring some of the worst and most unflattering fotos these girls can ever had..

Whitney Thompson

I don't know what's with her but she just can't close that effin mouth of hers. And yeah, she's still in her "normal" size. Geez... Improve on that Whitney. BTW, she looks like a member of Gucci Gang [you know, on crack].

Saleisha Stowers

Hooker anyone? Mean?! Nah... Ok fine, that's mean. Thank goodness she dropped the bob head.

Yoanna House

I love you girl but I just don't like this picture of yours. I guess this look best suites mothers [and yep, she's a mother now...and married].

Samantha Potter

And the winner for the worst look of the night is...SAM! The hair screams "I'm not a model, what am I doing here?" What's with the poofy hair?

Tyra "Sasha Fierce's long lost sister" Banks

It's a love-hate thing for me with this girl. I'm sorry but this just look too old... OLD, Tyra! OLD! And yeah, "full-figured" [*cough"FAT"cough*]...

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