Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Make Me a Supermodel S02E04 -- now you're talking

I've been watching both ANTM and MMaS and obviously I'm more into ANTM [despite the ridiculous editing]. On the other hand, MMaS, after three not so good episodes finally it wowed me for the first time this season.

First of all, one of the major change in the format of the show is that they don't have online voting anymore. This season's opening credits is way better than the previous one... By far, the guys are not as entertaining as season one's but boy do they make strong working super male models.

Episode 04 was last week and as usual, they started with the photo shoot.This one I think is the best theme so far... Push your emotion through the mirror... [Just a recap: EP01 -- sleep wear while in a glass box suspended in the air; EP02 -- human candies (hmmm...sounds familiar); EP03 -- flying jocks]... These were my last week's top three photos.

Branden -- the leading male contenderJonathan -- somewhat David Beckham-ish looks... supermodel materialAmanda -- best picture of the week that's why Jordan [which is a female] hates her

The winners for that week's photo shoot had the chance to actually walk for certain designers on the last Montreal Fashion Week which was the biggest goo-see prize they gave (every photo shoot, they name who did the best and as the prize, they give them the chance to do real go-sees and do real job). Branden was chosen the best from the guys and chose Collin to be with him and Amanda was chosen from the girls ans chose Mountaha to be with.

Then after all the fashion week ordeal, finally they had the runway challenge (which they always do every week) and this week's theme of the runway is FASHION FREAKS which I think is very, very cool... Jonathan had the immunity [just like in project runway] for doing such a great job on the catwalk. So there you go... My first review on this season of Make Me a Supermodel

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