Thursday, March 19, 2009

America's Next Top Model S12E04 -- the Girls of Manhattan

I don't like this episode that much only because my girl Allison almost had the cut but WHEW am I glad that she didn't. It was almost like it turned 180, as in flipped in terms of performances. "Like WHAT?! Sandra had the best photo? WHAT?! Freaking creepy chan didn't deliver? WHAT?! Aminat had a rocking photo this week?!" Like...WTF?!

This week's a runway challenge. As usual, miss Jay guided the girls on their flaws and strengths on their walks. Cycle 9 girls Chantal and Bianca was there and showed the girls the "runway etiquette". They walked for Jill Stuart in her Spring collection. Boo hoo, "miss model from head to toe" Natalie won the challenge. Who cares right?

Hmmm...I kindda like this week's photoshoot, despite my bets flunk-a-doodle performances. These are my top three photos:
Aminat and Fo
-- as a pair, these girls made it happen... I love Fo's expression and body language and Aminat was serving it like a true model... This photo of Aminat reminds me of Dani in the CoverGirl eyewear campaign...
Natalie, Teyona and Tahlia
-- good for Tahlia that she finally looks genuinely happy in a photo. Believable for a tourist in Time Square scene. I also like Teyona here! Never mind the other one.

Sandra and Celia
-- the photo would not have read "nanny" if not of the baby stroller but yeah, this one's kindda sortta nice...I think. Sandra's pose, as the judges said, is the most fashiony one but does it say "nanny" hell NO! But I like the blonde hair on her...

Sad to say, no Allison on my top three but oh well, as long as she's there she'll always be my bet... In my opinion, it should have been Nijah and Kortnie in the bottom two. Nijah took the worst photo [like duh?!] and Kortnie was just not remarkable at all to me... In the end, Nijah went home... 10 girls remain, who will be eliminated next?!

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