Thursday, March 12, 2009

America's Next Top Model S12E03 -- blinded by the lights...

It's freaking make over episode folks! Yay or nay? Judge 'em...

Allison --I'm not sure whether I like this look on her or not pero I think pwede na.

Aminat -- reminiscent of Danielle C6

Celia -- she's 25 and she looks 25 here

Fo -- moaning and crying won't help girl... besides you look fantabulous gurl

Jessica -- better with the shorter hair but still resting on pretty

Kortnie -- more of a beauty queen material to me

London -- I wasn't sure at first but hey, she looks fab here

Natalie -- lucky bitch didn't get tortured with a terrible makeover

Nijah -- pretty, just let her do the tap dance...

Sandra -- WTH, this is just fug

Tahlia -- same makeover with Coryn C5 I believe

Teyona -- I can appreciate her beauty more

My TOP 3 for the week for the photo shoot
Allison -- she looks almost identical to Nicole Linkletter in this foto... Effin gorgeous!

London -- now I'm converted and a believer of her beauty

Teyona -- best foto for the judges, not for me though but yeah it looks good

Allison found some solid followers in the Top Model community in LJ... Geez Tyra, you don't want to disappoint 'em do ya...

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