Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A new pal... Mr. Gorrell

Was there anything exciting at all happened to me since my last post? Yeah, definitely! Well, I made friends with a popular personality... Too bad he's damn so depressed and all. I'm actually listening to him now on the radio. The guy I'm talking bout is Brian Gorrell. Such a nice guy people. I had the opportunity to have a chat with him on YM last Tuesday. We talked about some random stuff. I'm trying to stay out of the stressful topics (which actually made him a popular blogger that he is) so that I wont destroy his day. HE's such a nice person guys I'm telling you. Brian, dude, my support will always be on your side, told you that and I really do mean it. To those people who're trying to bring him down, you are messing with the wrong guy. Gay guys are just not the people you wanna mess with.
Brian is such a passionate guy with what he's fighting for and what he believes in. Like every time he's in Mo's show (Good Times with Mo), I can feel the strong emotions of this guy like crazy... Such a shame that it takes a foreigner to open the eyes of many of our countrymen here in the Philippines. Please, try to listen, perhaps you'll learn a thing or two. Stop hate and discrimination.

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