Thursday, May 8, 2008

love 'em MEAN...

Our local telenovelas, telefantasyas, etc., won't be as great as they are with out the kontrabidas. What is a bida's worth if there won't be villains to darken their days. Here are some of the Philippines' finest on what they do best...playing the MEAN girls.

Who would forget this line: "You're nothing, but a second grade, trying hard, copy cat!" Imortalized by no other than Ms. Cherie Gil. She's simply the classic glamour girl who's presence is simply intimidating.

Gladys Reyes will always be associated with her then role Clara in the soap Mara Clara. She really knows how to play maldita towards the role of Ms. Judy Ann Santos, Mara.

Ms. Jean Garcia. I thought that it was impossible to see her in a non-kontrabida role. Damn was she great as Madam Claudia in Pangako Sa 'Yo. Now, she plays the former queen of Sirenea and the mother of Dyesebel (played by Marian Rivera) in Dyesebel. Major flip of character may I add.

Jean is now on the 'good side' while Mylene dizon took her place. Her role in Dyesebel as Dyangga is certainly one of the biggest in the said telefantasya. Playing as the evil queen is perhaps one of her expertise.

A true blue kontrabida should know how to be sadista, and Ms. Pinky Amador showed she can. Magdusa Ka definitely showed her bad side opposite Dina Bonnevie. Give her a whip and she'll surely work it.

Last but not the least, the queen of 'em all... The original and legendary Ms. Celia Rodriguez. You can feel her intimidating energy just through her stare. I remember seeing her once in Trinoma. She have her personal assistant with her looking glamourous and fierce. She's the epitome of a true kontrabida for me.

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