Tuesday, July 17, 2007

when HATE starts to materialize...

Sometimes, we think we are perfect. Yet no body is.

Sometimes, we think we are better even if we're not.

Sometimes, we think that we are God's faithful followers, even if we hate our brothers.

Does it make sense to hate without looking at our self first?

Reality check:

Hate crimes are very rampant but the world is too blind to see. Whites hated the blacks, straights hated the fags, the skinny ones hated the fat ones... Or is it just a question of insecurity and envy?

I'm 20. I know I'm still young but somehow I know a thing or two. I'm a young man with my own faults, flaws, imperfections. I am gay and am proud of it. It hurts when I watch some people on TV who denies our existence in this world. That we should all go to hell. We may not be perfect examples of faithful followers of certain religion but I do believe that we are created perfectly by the Supreme Being. We are humans too, that are given the chance to live in this world; to love and be loved. We are entitled to our own beliefs and opinions, but we are also entitled for respect.

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