Wednesday, July 25, 2007

from Latina to Filipina Marimar...

The first thing that would pop into my mind when I hear Thalia's name is her first soap that was shown here in the Philippines entitled "Marimar". I can still remember her graceful moves... Epitome of latina beauty, youth and sexiness. What I like bout the character itself is the transformation from the innocent young girl who's having a crush on rich guy, to the tough woman after everything she would encounter on the way to her man's heart. Oh and I love the scene where Angelica made Marimar get this bracelet from the mud with her teeth... That's so mean but time will come that revenge would be so bitter sweet.

Anyways... Now, GMA7 come up with the Filipina version of the title role. I'm more than 100% sure that there won't be any disappointment if another actress would play the part if she's as sexy and as talented as Thalia. She's no other than the beautiful, stunning,and hot momma Marian Rivera. See, even the name almost sounds alike. There's the over flowing pressure and expectation on Marian's part because Thalia is one actress that's tough to beat if not equal. What the heck! They both got it all, I'm sure Marian would do just fine... Good luck on that Marian!

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