Thursday, August 27, 2009

Finding Hilarity

In a way, they're discreetly hilarious... May take you aback and might be a little in your face, but as you dissect into it, trajectory of laughter comes out...

These pictures came from whom I consider, one of the most interesting person that I've ever met, Mr. Carlos Celdran [Manila Tour Guide Extraordinaire]. Such an artist through and through. Humor can be his middle name.

Carlos and Bogart [the dog] Celdran

Probably not his artwork but this is in his photo album in FaceBook... Like...Woah!

Now this I believe is his work. A typical poster for his tours... It really is "good for your health".

And forgive me if I find this one hilarious for a sec. Who ever made that caption sure did expressed his feelings...discreetly.

Bogart Celdran [I wish he add me on his FaceBook...yep, he has one]


tim said...

very cool blog.. whoah!!

~yeoj~ said...

thanks sir!