Wednesday, February 11, 2009

do I love my reality show models...

The other day, Shandi accepted my friend request on Facebook... Guess who I got today... hehe! BRONNIE~~as in Ben Dichiara and RonnieKroell of Make Me a Supermodel. I was making this post earlier about the premiere of ANTM and MMaS on March 4 and I was like, wow, it was quite sometime since I googled my fave MMaS cast... Then I arrived at their LJ community and I get engrossed with browsing on their post-show photos. I thought why not find their facebook accounts then viola! I found five of 'em -- Ronnie, Ben, Perry, Shannon and Casey [and pretty much i can tell they're genuinelly theirs]. By far, two of 'em accepted it and found this photos!

Ronnie Kroell

He looks a bit Michael Buble-ish don't you think?

Ben DiChiara [and his wife April]

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