Thursday, November 19, 2009


Mixed emotions for me -- happy, bored, puked, excited, amazed, bored again, sad, then finally happy again...

HAPPY -- Yey! ANTM13 Finale day! Even though I knew early on who will win this Cycle, I'm very glad that at least the final two deserves the spot... Yada yada yada... Yeah, I was happy...

BORED -- Oh hey look at the two of 'em. I gotta say not much of drama this last episode. Laura and Nicole spitting criticism towards each other cannot even be considered "drama" because obviously they can get along pretty well. If Erin was there, now that's drama...

-- CoverGirl Commercial --


Am not crazy about either the CG commercial or CG photo shoot. Nope... Given the fact that Laura is the CG material among the two, I didn't quite understand what she said [very charming though]. She doesn't even look like her! Nicole on the other hand gave a stunning photo but a not so so commercial [as expected].

PUKED -- Ugh! I can't even type her name... Ok fine... I almost puked seeing Ann Shocket for the NTH time this season. What am I gonna do if she'll pop up my door and hug me like that...ewwww!!! For the record, the only Seventeen Magazine cover from ANTM that I really like is Caridee's [I have my own copy of that...haha]... Good job Shocket! at least you're consistent on making me feel sick... The only good thing that happened in the shoot was that they got Gilles Bensimon to photograph the girls [did he puked too? such a mystery no?]

EXCITED -- Finally the final runway. Bringing back the last 4 eliminated girls was definitely a first. Though I barely recognize 'em on the runway itself [geez the amputee girl and the daughter of Eddie Murphy are more recognizable than they are]. I love the theme of the "stump to the death" and less the craziness from Miss Jay and Tyra during the whole fashion show. Good thing they sushed...

AMAZED -- Oh wow, Laura was such a revelation on that runway! She felt it all throughout the show. Nicole did a pretty good job herself despite the awkward signature walk that she did. Best part of the show was the wind part... in screen caps it looked like they're on fire...


BORED again -- Oh WOW! That was the most boring and exhausting final judging in the history of ANTM. They critiqued almost every single photo [well minus the one on the horse, go figure] and a little to less on the fashion show... They talked bout it for like...seconds?

SAD -- because there can only be one ANTM, one has to go. Unfortunately for her, it was Laura. I have always adored her for being such a genuine person despite being in a "reality" show. I felt for her when she started to cry after hearing Nicole's name called out as the winner... Poor thing.

HAPPY again -- at least it ended well! Nicole won the title from the very beginning. Not the "first petite ANTM" though. Eva the diva deserves that recognition. I love the winner's photo shoot with mother hen Tyra. That was stunning! Way better than Teyona's photo in a pink diaper..UGH! Kudos to Miss Tyra for looking so gorgeous on that photo. Fierce!


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