Thursday, September 24, 2009

ANTM C13 E4-- Midgets or Giants?

Well, well, well... Waddayanaw?The kids finally grew up! From a serious let down last week, I dare say that ANTM C13 came back with vengeance. To be honest I was a little worried for these girls when I watched the preview for this week. Imagine walking with the "normal" height models which are 5'10 up, with you having a height of 5'7 below. Trust me, I know the feeling... And so this has been the challenge of the week [runway...duh?!] and somehow they pulled it off.

Now these are what I am happy about...
[screencaps only... I'll post the official pictures in my album]

NicoleJeniferErinKara [best foto]

Not bad for a come back eh?! I knew Kara could do some wonders... I can't wait for more of her improvements...

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