Sunday, November 30, 2008

since when did a Ventriloquist get muy Caliente?!?

ANTM 11 just ended last month. Got bored. Solution: cycle rerun. Though not the recent season. Cycle 6, they got this "doll" photo shoot. Far from being dull, this shoot was one of the best [i think] in ANTM history. Almost everyone did amazing job rockin it while one of 'em got extra lucky. Yep, Joannie. Not only did she nailed the shot but she got the hottest accessory on the shot: a man. That changed the definition of Ventriloquist fro a dummy master to a hot piece of eye candy.The guy's name is Alexander Rankovic. Forget bout that slammin body, the smile can melt you as it is.

Fotos from : JustJared &

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